Friday, 18 November 2016

The Importance of English-Arabic Translation

The importance of English-Arabic Translation is increasingly realized these days due to several compelling factors. We can say that both Arabic and English are among the greatest languages of the world today. For instance, the author of the famed book 'The Spread of English, says the great languages of today are those of empire, past, present and also future.
Today, Mandarin Chinese and Russian are seen as the language of governance within single large linguistically as well as ethnically diverse states. On the other hand, the languages such as Arabic, English, French, and Spanish enjoy an imperial legacy and have managed to survive even after the empires that fostered them were disintegrated. Due to the overwhelming need for translation services, some renowned translation services in Dubai offer both Arabic translator as well as English translator.

The greatness of Arabic
Arabic is a great language that has ably survived the Arab Islamic empire’s disintegration. Since long, it continues to be a classical as well as a modern language till date. While the most popular language of the Middle East namely Turkey lost its importance following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, Arabic continued to grow in popularity to this day. Most notably, Arabic is one of the privileged six languages adopted by the United Nations. While cherishing a rich cultural tradition over a long past, It was the most blessed of the languages for being used by the Prophet Mohammed for his teachings and interactions. It is also the medium of the holy book of Quran. Between the eighth century and fifteenth century, a huge volume of literary, scientific and religious works were accomplished in Arabic, the quantity of which was unprecedented till then in any of the world languages. Therefore we can say that Arabic is a very important language of the world by all means.
Why English – Arabic translation
English being the Lingua Franca of the world community and the fact that English houses a huge volume of scientific, literary, aviation, computing, diplomacy, tourism and topics of myriad interests, it is very important that the works in English are translated in Arabic.
Translating English works in Arabic is very much essential to see that the big fund of knowledge and information is accessed by the populace that is familiar with Arabic. It is very easy to find highly accomplished and resourceful translation firms in Dubai offering the services of both English translator and Arabic Translator. Since accuracy and reliability is of prime importance in translation services, you need to find the right firm to provide quality translation services.


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